ACSI Africa Product Innovations

ACSI Africa supports the work of ACSI national associations by providing innovative products for services that national offices deliver to their member schools.

ACSI Strategy

ACSI trains national trainers in order to build national capacity for the delivery of these innovative products and services:


Paths to School Improvement (PSI)

Learning from ACSI’s international accreditation standards and process, PSI has been custom-built for contextualized delivery across a range of urban and rural schools. The process, designed for a cohort approach to incremental school improvement, is due for implementation in 2017. Download PSI Summary.

ACSI Africa Professional Enrichment Program

Facilitated in South Africa , where we “Train the Trainers”.

Kingdom School Institute

Building on Prestonwood Christian Academy’s KSI concept and materials, this program is being field-tested in Nigeria as a premier program with regional potential to expand and mature school leadership in Africa.

School Advisor

ACSI serves as an educational and Christian school advisor to the Protestant Church (Eglise du Christ au Congo) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Protestant Church provides a national coordination function over 18,500 Protestant schools. ACSI completed a pilot project in May 2016 that investigated an approach to transform these DRC church schools to authentic and effective Protestant schools.

Read the Elephant Project Report

National offices have their unique products and services. Some offices include book sales in their range of services. Please refer to national office links for book sales.

If you are living in Africa and you would like to purchase books, but your country does not have an ACSI Bookshop, ACSI‘s Purposeful DESIGN Books are available to purchase directly from ACSI’s HQ online store or from Purposeful design’s website.

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ACSI encourages collaborative approaches to educational development. We uphold values related to restorative practices and healthy cross-cultural partnerships between the majority and minority worlds

ACSI serves individuals as well as church and school communities through facilitating healthy partnerships focused on social, spiritual and financial investment opportunities that are mutually beneficial.




ACSI Africa's purpose is to identify, empower and equip national leaders for effective national associations of Christian schools. Existing and new schools benefit through professional associations for the development and delivery of quality Christian education. ACSI, the world’s largest Protestant association of Christian schools, is a global leader in the development and work of national associations of Christian schools.