ACSI Africa's Goal

Identify, empower and equip national leaders for effective national associations of Christian schools.

The Africa Roundtables are a uniquely collaborative approach to conferencing.
Over 35 countries produce one conference statement.

2007 Africa Roundtable

A declaration for the development of Christian education on the African continent.
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2012 Africa Roundtable

Ten catalysts designed to strengthen
the 2007 declaration.
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2018 Africa Roundtable

Consolidate the 2012 catalysts, establish regional African leadership and facilitate global collaboration for strategic development of Christian education on the continent.

ACSI Strategy

National Key Stages

The National Key Stages Guide is designed to facilitate strategic development of national associations of Christian schools. This five-stage mechanism promotes national ownership, builds national capacity and establishes clear partnership expectations between national leaders and ACSI.


Stages 1, 2 and 3 build progressively towards Stage 4


Stage 4 officially licenses a national association as an ACSI national office.

Three countries have progressed to Stage 4. These core countries are considered strategic for the development of national (country) associations in each of their regions.

  • ACSI Nigeria, October 2011
  • ACSI Uganda, August 2015
  • ACSI Burkina Faso, April 2016

Stage 5 is reached when a Stage 4 ACSI national office proves its sustainability and capacity to further the development of other national associations in the region. The ACSI national office becomes a regional office.

ACSI South Africa became the ACSI Southern Africa Office in June 2014.

ACSI Africa has a vision for the geo-political union of five Sub-Saharan regions led by five regional offices:

Southern Africa: South Africa (see their website)
East Africa: Uganda
Central Africa Francophone: Democratic Republic of the Congo
West Africa Francophone: Burkina Faso
West Africa Anglophone: Nigeria (see their website)
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ACSI encourages collaborative approaches to educational development. We uphold values related to restorative practices and healthy cross-cultural partnerships between the majority and minority worlds

ACSI serves individuals as well as church and school communities through facilitating healthy partnerships focused on social, spiritual and financial investment opportunities that are mutually beneficial.




ACSI Africa's purpose is to identify, empower and equip national leaders for effective national associations of Christian schools. Existing and new schools benefit through professional associations for the development and delivery of quality Christian education. ACSI, the world’s largest Protestant association of Christian schools, is a global leader in the development and work of national associations of Christian schools.