ACSI Strategy

Situated in Colorado Springs, ACSI Global supports the work of ACSI Africa by:


Networking ACSI Africa with ACSI Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia and Australasia


Developing national leaders and supporting national associations through different types training


Connecting ACSI’s work in Africa to people around the world who would like to support the work in Africa through sharing resources


Upholding ACSI ethos and national office operational standards


Maintaining global statistics

ACSI has touched the lives...

…of more than 5.5 million students worldwide.

ACSI serves...

…Christian schools in 113 countries
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ACSI encourages collaborative approaches to educational development. We uphold values related to restorative practices and healthy cross-cultural partnerships between the majority and minority worlds

ACSI serves individuals as well as church and school communities through facilitating healthy partnerships focused on social, spiritual and financial investment opportunities that are mutually beneficial.




ACSI Africa's purpose is to identify, empower and equip national leaders for effective national associations of Christian schools. Existing and new schools benefit through professional associations for the development and delivery of quality Christian education. ACSI, the world’s largest Protestant association of Christian schools, is a global leader in the development and work of national associations of Christian schools.