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ACSI encourages collaborative approaches
to educational development.

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We uphold values related to restorative practices and healthy cross-cultural partnerships between the majority and minority worlds.

ACSI serves individuals as well as church and school communities through facilitating healthy partnerships focused on social, spiritual and financial investment opportunities that are mutually beneficial.

ACSI Partnership opportunities include:

“Seed investment” in:
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Africa Roundtable 3, 2018
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The annual meeting of African regional leaders from the core countries.
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National association services, products or events. The national office will report Return on Investment (ROI), building towards self-sustainability.
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The delivery of ACSI Africa’s product innovations to national associations. This involves activities such as translating materials from English to French, training national master trainers, and printing materials for national use.
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Mission Opportunities - ACSI can facilitate opportunities for individuals or groups, for long or short-term missions.

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Financial Support

Dear Partner,

Thank you for considering how you may become involved in the work of ACSI Africa.  This section invites your participation in two ways:

Financial support:  Please select the options to complete and submit the giving form.  In the section ‘I would like to support . . .”, designate ‘ACSI Africa office support’.  You may choose not to ‘leave a comment’.   Or, you may use the space to fill in your choice of ‘seed investment’.  If you would like to be kept informed about how your investment is being used, please leave your email address.    

We look forward to hearing from you: We welcome your enquiries and recommendations.